Preventative Health and Safety


This 8 hour course is CA EMSA approved and meets or exceeds all the requirements of AB 243 and SB 1524 for Preventative Health and Safety for California Childcare Providers, Preschool Teachers and Aides. EMSA Approved Heart Plus Preventative Health and Safety curriculum which includes the 2016 Nutrition Update.

Pediatric Health and Safety course includes; Infectious Disease, Injury Prevention, Immunizations, Child Abuse- Identification and Prevention, Care of Mildly Ill Children, Communicable Disease, Universal Precautions, Age Appropriate Toys and Activities, Emergency Preparedness, Poisoning, Children’s Nutrition, Liability Issues, and SIDS. Also included is information for best business policies and practices for home based childcare providers.

After completion of this class, participants will have gained the knowledge to successfully run a childcare business, provide age appropriate toys and activities, identify potential hazards or poisons in their environment, identify child abuse and know how to report suspected abuse, will know how to perform daily health checks on children, will understand how to care for mildly ill children, will understand their responsibility in regard to immunizations of the children in their care and much, much more!

Includes Book. Lifetime Certification with EMSA sticker issued at class.

Requires written testing.

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8 hours
$ 70.00